We are Hallo Technologies LLC

Meet Hallo Technologies, a pioneering force in software development, renowned for its innovative Hallo Helper apps. With a mission to revolutionize digital experiences, Hallo Technologies is expanding its horizons, offering its cutting-edge expertise to select clients and projects that align with its visionary technological mission. 

Through meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence, Hallo Technologies stands ready to collaborate with partners who share its passion for pushing the boundaries of possibility in the digital realm.

Our Products

Mobile Applications

For Apps White label options, contact us

Web Applications

Digital & AI Content

Our Services

Mobile App Development

Our team specializes in developing next-gen mobile application for both iOS and Android.

Web Development

We're expert developers of the most optimized and mobile-responsive web-based applications and websites.

Full-stack UI/UX

Our in-house design team delivers cutting edge User Interface and User Experience development efficiently and effectively.

Full-suite Brand Development

From market consumer research to logo creation, our in-house design offers an all-in-one stop for your brand design needs.

Startup Development Consultancy

Utilize our team of proven experts in the startup field to consult on optimizing success of your startup from lean operations, business models, to partnerships, & more.  

Custom API Software Integrations

Our team has been successfully implementing the latest APIs from top platforms for years. We'll help you identify & deploy integrations for your own tech stack.

Emerging Tech Expertise

AI & ML-assisted bots

Whether it's AI chat bots or ML-assisted automations to streamline your support, our team of experts can build it for you. 

Google GenAI

Take advantage of the power of Google AI. Our AI experts will work with you in building the right AI tech stack MVP for your project.

Systems Optimization

We love using AI power to streamline business operations and pipelines. Talk to us about using automations and triggers with AI or ML to supercharge  your company efficiency.

Have a project? We're here to help.