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Having said that, in case you don't want to read the entire legal document word for word, scroll through this page to see what you need to know.

App User Agreement

Effective as of 12/30/2022

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There are a lot of changes. So please read all sections carefully before you agree. Click below.

User Policy Guidelines

HELPER App Community guidelines.pdf

Repeat violations, or violations such as below, will result in account deactivation and possible lawsuits.

Use of Cash Payments

Why? To maintain yours and other members safety is why

Unsolicited Sales or Contact

Why? To protect our members and ensure top quality experiences

User Privacy Violation

Why? We care about all of our members. When they are in the platform, our Privacy Policy is law.

Account Best Practices

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Tap on the Notification Alert on your smartphone to open and review job requests...

Do this before job time runs out for you. Otherwise, the booking is automatically sent to another expert with the same services as you.

This also negatively affect your Account's Priority and Status.

Important note: Bookings are given to the person who accepts it first. So, please enable Helper App notifications on your smartphone to get fast alerts.

What's New on Helper App

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We've heard your feedback, and we've been busy building your solutions.

With the new Helper app, you can view live job requests from over 1000+ customers in your area. Just a few clicks from your mobile device and you're on your way to booking that job. Thousands of local residents in Puerto Rico love getting services to come to them when they need it. By using the Helper App, you are tapping into extra income with what you do best, instead of having to drive for Uber.

Helper App 2.0 Showcase Video

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