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Effective July 20,2022. Hallo Helper Apps and Hallo Technologies Terms of Use have changed. Please view our full page document here.


The hallo helper platform is an app and web-based marketplace platform, which enables a person (“client”) looking to hire for a specific service or task help to connect and contract with an independent provider, also referred to as "helper" ("hallo helper, helper, gig worker), for that service. The client and the hallo helper may be referred to as “users”.


When a client agrees to use the services of a helper, the client and the user enter into a legally binding contract (“service agreement”, "booking agreement"). The service agreement is between the client and the helper. Helper is not an employee, nor a company hired independent contractor, nor associated in any way with us. Hallo does not perform nor supervise the helper in their performance of the service. Hence, hallo is not responsible for the service. Hallo expressly disclaims any responsibility and liability for the work performed and the service in any manner, including all possible warranties. Hallo is only acting as an information sharing service, and, as a limited payment collection agent to facilitate payment for the services.

Liabilities and Restrictions

In order to use the platform and engage in a service agreement or booking, you must be 18 years or older or at least the age of majority in your country of residence and you must provide your full legal name, current address, valid email address, and any other information requested by us. In the event of a dispute regarding account ownership, we reserve the right to request documentation to determine or confirm account ownership.

We are not a party to, and we are not liable for the booking. All Hallo Helper platform helpers are solely responsible for their services and performance, and must ensure that they are in compliance with any laws or regulations related to it, including without limitation the following:

As a helper ("service provider"), you are solely responsible for:

  • (a) all taxes and fees associated with the booking agreement, including without limitation any sales taxes related to the purchase or sale of services in connection with your services;

  • (b) collecting, reporting and remitting required taxes to relevant government authorities;

  • (c) informing your clients of required taxes, and providing them with invoices as required by applicable law; you also agree that any tax estimates, reporting or related materials that we may provide via the services are for illustration purposes only, and you may not rely on them to comply with your tax obligations. We do not give tax advice, and nothing we say should be interpreted as such.

  • You are solely responsible for fulfilling and delivering your services to your clients.

  • You are solely responsible for any claims or warranties you make in connection with your services and any claims made by clients against you.

  • You are solely responsible for handling any comments or complaints related to your services, including without limitation any issues related to payments, promotions, refunds or chargebacks.

  • You agree to provide accurate and complete contact information on your sites so that your clients can submit comments or complaints to you.

  • You are also responsible for complying with any consumer’s best practices along with any and all related laws and regulations that may affect your services.

If you have an assistant that will perform the services, the assistant must create an account as a helper on the Hallo Helper platform and pass all vetting and verification checks. Failure to do so may result in suspension of your account. The helper hired by the client assumes all responsibility for acts and omissions of the assistant(s), and is responsible with any and all tax obligations.

You may not offer or sell any services which, in our sole discretion:

  • We consider hazardous, counterfeit, stolen, fraudulent, abusive or adverse to our interests or reputation;

  • Are prohibited for sale, distribution or use;

  • Are manufactured as, or primarily intended to be used as weapons, including firearms, restricted devices, or ammunition. We reserve the right to determine, in our sole discretion, whether any product constitutes a “weapon” for purposes of this agreement;

  • Use images or names of any third party (including notable personalities or celebrities) when offering or selling products without first obtaining that third party’s permission; or

  • Otherwise fail in any way to comply with any applicable laws or regulations, including without limitation with respect to intellectual property, trade secrets, privacy or publicity rights, consumer protection, product safety or trade regulations or export controls, regulations or sanctions.

A client may choose not to be present and assign another person (“client agent”) to be present when the helper is performing the service. The helper will then follow all instructions from client agent as if the direction was given by client him or herself. Any client using a proxy client agent assumes all responsibilities or acts and omissions of the client agent(s), and is responsible with any and all legal obligations.

We may, at any time and in our sole discretion, and without any notice to you, suspend, restrict or disable access to or remove your account, your sites or your services, without any liability to you or to any client, including without limitation for any loss of profits, revenue, data, goodwill or other intangible losses (except where prohibited by applicable law). For example, we may suspend your services if you are violating this agreement.

All payments from client to helper shall be completed directly on the hallo platform. To accept payments from your clients in connection with services, you must connect your bank via creating a Stripe connected account provided by Hallo. Your relationship with the third party payment processor (the “payment processor”) is governed by the payment processor’s terms and policies. By registering with the payment processor, you are confirming that you will not accept payments via payment processor in connection with any prohibited business or business practices , which may vary from country to country. We do not control and are not liable for any payment processor, or for any transaction you may enter into with or through the payment processor. The payment processors is a third party service, as described in section 2 of this agreement. The payment processor may provide invoices for any transaction fees associated with your service transactions.

When a client receives confirmation through the hallo platform or via email that the service has been completed, client automatically authorizes the payment processor to process the invoice, if not done so already.

Company reserves the right to suspend any payment or to refund any amount in its sole discretion, upon notice of potential fraud or misuse of the hallo helper platform.

All users are responsible for all tax liabilities required to be paid.

For more information, visit our Knowledge Base. For any communications regarding billing, payments, and reporting, contact legal@hallopr.com

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